Removable Shoulder Strap

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Color: Track
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This removable, adjustable shoulder strap is designed for the Ducati collection.

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Features and Specifications

H: 52   in
W: 1.5  in
  • Weight
    0.1  lbs

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Removable Shoulder Strap in Track

TUMI Innovation by Design

  • Secure Slide® Shoulder Strap Attachment

    Our exclusive, patented shoulder strap attachment design features a cover that slides into place to ensure that the clip stays closed securely. This feature eliminates the risk of bags accidentally falling from the shoulder strap and damaging the case's contents. It can only be opened manually when the hook is placed parallel to the strap attachment.
  • Tumi Patented Articulating Shoulder Strap

    Move with greater ease with this patented design. The metal loop joints that attach the straps to the shoulder pad helps keep the bag from sliding off your shoulder as you move.